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Brazilian Cherry Engineered Hardwood Sample

Available Sizes  3/8''  1/2" 

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Top Selling Size & Color: Brazilian Cherry 1/2" Light Engineered Hardwood

These engineered planks are created using multiple layers of natural hardwood.  The Veneer is then topped with a premium layer of hardwood species and 9 coats of protective Treffert polyurethane finish. This construction counters woods natural tendency to expand and contract with seasonal temperature changes. It also gives your floors unusual resistance to warping and buckling. Engineered flooring is your best choice for any area at risk for moisture, particularly installations over concrete or ?below grade? (ground level). Engineered floors are also generally thinner than solid wood flooring. This has little impact on floor life, but it can minimize the height differential between your new floor and the other floors around it.

Installation: Glue Down and Floating

Care:  Sweep and vacuum, damp mop when necessary.  The key is to keep the dirt and grime off of the floor which causes abrasion of the top layer of any floor. Also avoid cleaners with wax on pre-polished floors.

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